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Tenant Credit RatingExperian Rental Interface For Social Housing

Working in partnership with Experian, OmniLedger have now developed a new Pyramid interface for their Rental Exchange portal. This will assist social tenants to strengthen their credit rating using rent payments, similar to mortgage payments for homeowners.

By building up their credit rating, lenders and services providers are more likely to approve or provide better rates when applying for loans, opening bank accounts and purchasing goods on credit.


Dave Bull, Head of Tenancy Services at BCHF and UHA, said “This partnership should help tenants build good credit history and improve their financial situation. We strongly believe that tenants rent payment history should be used in the same way as homeowners who have an advantage of using their mortgage payment history to count towards their credit score. It is hoped that being part of the Rental Exchange will help create an online proof of identity for our tenants and a high credit score may make it easier for them to open or changing bank accounts, shop online, receive better mobile phone rates, receive better gas and electricity rates, or obtain affordable credit. OmniLedger’s involvement has been critical in the development of the reporting tools/interface and they have worked extremely hard to get us into the position where we are ready to go live.”



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