Tamil Community Housing Association (TCHA)

Putting tenants and the community first, with the help of the Pyramid Housing Management System

Constituted in 1986, Tamil Community Housing Association (formerly known as Tamil Refugee Action Group) was established to address the housing and support needs of refugee’s fleeing the Sri Lankan civil war. TCHA has grown into an organisation housing local people from all communities and work across 11 London Boroughs, with their portfolio of 304 permanent and 30 short life properties.

Tamil Housing’s work focuses around being community enablers, forming close partnerships with 40 organisations to provide their tenants with a wide range of services, from general needs housing, to scholarship funding opportunities.

In 2017, TCHA’s internal review identified an opportunity to deliver services more efficiently to their tenants, through working smarter with new technologies. Having historically worked with two separate software packages, for managing rents and repairs, TCHA required a new system that was capable of managing and processing both sets of data within a single package. Taking this approach would allow the association to process all aspects of their housing services in a fully integrated manner removing the need to refer to different systems and enter the same data multiple times; ultimately resulting in time and cost savings.

During the Annual Housing Finance conference, TCHA were delighted to find that OmniLedger’s Hosted Pyramid Housing Management System addressed all their requirements. In addition to providing the functionality they desired, the hosted system offered an affordable solution that did not require upfront hardware investment and was fully managed by OmniLedger, meaning TCHA didn’t need to maintain or backup the system.

Shortly after demonstrations, TCHA invested in a 5 user hosted system that included Pyramid Rents and Repairs modules. Having been assigned a project manager, who helped customise the system to their requirements and provided consultation throughout the process, Pyramid went live within 11 weeks. This kind of customisation, combined with a tailored training itinerary, meant that Pyramid was well received by all members of staff.

With any new system, there will be questions that crop up after having gone live and the association has found OmniLedger’s support service a great asset, being able to resolve enquiries with a simple telephone call. Supported with a reliable helpdesk, staff have grown confident with using the system and TCHA look forward to moving to the next stage of promoting digital inclusion and tenant independence. This will include the release of a new corporate website, which will host a variety of 24/7 self-service elements, such as OmniLedger’s MyTenancy web portal and intelligent text messaging channels.

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