Pyramid Online Webinar

Learn how staff can access tenant and property information whilst on the move in this webinar.

– 16th June 2022 at 10:30am

What is Pyramid Online?

Pyramid Online is a hosted service fully integrated with the Pyramid Housing Management system, designed to provide staff with secure access to view and update tenant information whilst on the move.

The portal is hosted at OmniLedger’s UK datacentre via, complete with the latest hardware and software security with data transferred on a regular basis through SFTP, so there is no direct threat to your network. Pyramid Only also includes double opt-in authentication via email and account security management facilities to provide users with maximum security.

Features include:

  • Viewing Tenant Details, Contacts, Rent Accounts & Historic Notes
  • Viewing property maintenance requests, Repairs and cyclical maintenance components
  • Adding new tenant contacts
  • Adding new history records
  • Posting rent payments
  • Making repair requests

What can you expect from this Pyramid Online webinar?

In this webinar you will find out about:

  1. Viewing tenant/property information
  2. Contact viewing/editing
  3. Adding and viewing history
  4. Viewing managers against tenants/properties
  5. Viewing rent accounts & making payments
  6. Viewing & requesting repairs
  7. Viewing & editing components

Register your place

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Apologies, this webinar is now fully booked. Another session will be arranged in the near future.