Pyramid Mobile Webinar

Learn how Pyramid Mobile forms will revolutionise how your team works in this series of free webinars:

Maintenance: 29th November at 10:30am

Supporting People: 30th November at 10:30am

Tenants & Rents: 1st December at 10:30am

What is Pyramid Mobile?

Pyramid Mobile is an App that will run on most mobile platforms and desktop PCs that allows users to quickly, and efficiently collect data and have this processed within the main Pyramid system. These session’s are designed to provide you with an insight into what Pyramid Mobile offers, whether it be for completing forms with data being passed to Pyramid or just standalone data collection templates.

The app includes a series of intuitive forms that can be deployed to capture data, signatures and pictures, so that when submitted they:

  • Email a completed PDF to the person submitting the form
  • Can update Pyramid’s compliance module with the data completed
  • Pyramid will then calculate when the next inspection is due
  • Post a record to the property history to illustrate that the inspection was done
  • Save the PDF file in a document management system, such as SharePoint, or Pyramid’s native document/image folders

Example Pyramid Mobile Forms for Social Housing:

Property Maintenance & Compliance:

  1. Fire Risk Assessments
  2. PAT Testing
  3. Property Health & Safety Checks
  4. Emergency Lighting Check
  5. Post Inspection

Support/Client Management:

  1. Support Plans
  2. Risk Assessments
  3. Meeting Logs
  4. Actions Logs
  5. Web Chart Creation/Updates

Tenant/Rent Management:

  1. Tenant History Updates
  2. Tenant Document Acknowledgement
  3. Tenant Immediate Risk Assessment
  4. Tenant Photo Capture/Filing
  5. Tenant Rent Account lookup

Applicant Management (Rent & SP):

  1. Create Applicant
  2. Post Applicant History
  3. Applicant Referral Risk Assessment

Register your place

The webinar’s will be hosted using Zoom. To register your place, click on the button’s below. Alternatively, contact us at for more information.

Repairs and Maintenance

Maintenance Mobile Working

29/11/2021 at 10:30am

Learn about Pyramid Mobile forms for property maintenance and how they can assist your onsite staff. Includes onsite property assessments and raising work required whilst still onsite.

Supporting People

Supporting People Mobile Working

30/11/2021 at 10:30am

Learn about Pyramid Mobile forms for Supporting People and how they can assist your officers. Includes conducting assessments and raising new plans/logs whilst still with the client.

Rent Accounting

Tenants & Rents Mobile Working

01/12/2021 at 10:30am

Learn about Pyramid Mobile forms for Tenant/Rent Management and how they can assist your onsite staff. Includes looking up information whilst with the tenant, as well as a number of assessment and data update features.