Pyramid Automatic Updates

Delivering the latest software updates directly to your system

What is Pyramid Automatic Updates?

Our development team are constantly working to deliver new housing management solutions for the social housing sector, as well as improve existing Pyramid modules with updates and bug fixes using feedback provided by our customers. Pyramid Automatic Updates delivers the latest releases to your system, with no downtime or intervention required by your staff.

How Often Will Updates Occur?

The Pyramid Housing Management system will be updated once a month to the latest release.

What is Included with Each Update?

Two weeks prior to any updates, OmniLedger will send a newsletter to all customers with full details of upcoming releases. In addition, the first time each user logs onto Pyramid since an update, they will be presented with a pop-up box containing a set of release notes.

If you would like to receive newsletter updates for upcoming releases then please sign-up by completing the registration form opposite.

Previous Pyramid Automatic Update Release Notes

All release notes are published on our online customer forum and are available for customers to download at anytime.

If you’ve not registered yourself to our forum and would like to, please click here and follow the on-screen instructions.

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