Mobile Working at Adullam

Follow the day of a case worker using mobile working at Adullam Homes

Mobile working has been the panacea for many organisations as they try to get staff to engage with new technology. One such organisation, Adullam Homes, has started to roll out OmniLedger’s mobile solution to Housing, Maintenance and Support staff with great success. One support worker logged her working day to get an idea of the possible savings. This is what she found;

Pyramid Mobile Working

Thursday 12th March

“At home: Check that my device is charged up and is updated. First Visit is in Bakewell to assist and support a client applying for PIP. First use of my device is to check the phone number and address of my client to put on the form; make a call to book an appointment for blood tests. Finish the form, complete the Support Meeting and make notes on Tablet. I then ask the client to sign the form as a record of our meeting. This is saved onto the meeting note and passed to the Pyramid back office system. I then agree an appointment for the next meeting and record this on the Planner on Tablet.

It’s too early for next meeting so I find a local wi-fi hotspot and use the facilities to complete some notes and make some calls. All my notes and records are automatically passed to and recorded in Pyramid’s client records.

The next visit is to a client in a village in the middle of nowhere! I pick the client up and transport them to the Mental Health Assessment Centre and use the car journey for a support meeting. Again I use the waiting time to update notes on Pyramid, make calls to other service users, and partner organisations, make new appointments, update my Pyramid Action Logs and drop the client back home.

The third meeting is a tenancy sign-up in a neighbouring town and again this is processed in Pyramid Mobile and passed back to the main office system. At this point I have no signal, but I can work offline, knowing that Pyramid will automatically synchronise my data as soon as I get a signal. The service user has been homeless for nearly 6 months and has finally been allocated a flat. I continue to make notes as we go along to remind me what she will need help with, such as setting-up utilities and getting pre-payment cards. I then arrange a furniture pack from a local YMCA and then drop the service user off.

Time for lunch! All of today’s actions and meeting notes have automatically updated Pyramid and copies are automatically emailed to my Outlook folders.

The fourth meeting is with a service user to pick up a food parcel.

The fifth and final meeting is to drop off the food parcel to a needy family on the way home, they have no transport and it’s too far for an agency to deliver. Update action on Pyramid after drop off. Go Home!

Miles driven; 67 including work to home. Hours taken 8.5.

Estimated time saved 2-3 hours and ready to start immediately the next morning.”

Adullam Homes have now rolled out more than 40 devices to key staff and are set to deploy a further 20 to 30 more in coming months. Other Pyramid modules will be deployed on these devices to allow staff to record Incidents, Complaints, ASB Cases, Safeguarding Issues and Outcome Assessments.

Phil Gardiner, Operations Manager at Adullam Homes, says, “The current usage figures of forms submitted by staff direct onto Pyramid using mobile devices is phenomenal. We can email repairs direct. Access personal details, such as rent accounts and tenancy details. We have added other bespoke forms for areas such as Health & Safety, Voids, Property Inspection and Housing Benefit.

This has helped staff to engage more with our residents and service users as they now have confidence that things are getting reported and actioned because they can see what staff are doing there and then. Staff have described using tablets as ‘A real time saver and a real life saver too.’ Staff have embraced using tablets as the norm. The benefits of mobile working are already there to see and we look forward to rolling this out throughout Adullam Homes.”

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