Managed ITCompletely Managed IT Service

OmniLedger offer a cost effective managed service to allow clients to outsource their IT operation. Designed primarily for organisations that do not have or want to hire their own IT personnel, this service provides a cost effective solution to keep you organisation operational, and have access to advice on what needs to be considered for the future. Together we can build an IT strategy for the future. This approach allows us to:

  • Keeps your business operations running during critical hours of operation for less than it is actually costing you now for your reactive support services.
  • Take a proactive approach to your computer support and prevent network and security issues before they become expensive problems, leading to downtime and data loss.
  • Provide server administration, which includes managing and maintaining all folder permissions to create a secure environment with restricted access.
  • Design and implement a secure password policy
  • Implement a secure group with restricted access to applications. This makes sure that users are only given access to the applications they need.
  • Undertake day to day administration. We take full responsibility for all server administration tasks, for example, the creation of new users.
  • To implement a managed backup solution, with and problems, or issues automatically reported directly to us.
  • Deploy and manage a security/virus software management process to ensure that all Windows Updates and Anti-Virus updates are implemented.
  • Provide onsite maintenance when required.

As your business changes we can then ensure that your network has both the capacity and performance to cope with your changing needs.

OmniLedger engineers that will ensure your entire system is operating at peak performance and is securely protected against malicious attacks.