Housing Waiting ListWaiting List For Social Housing

Pyramid’s Waiting List allocations system consists of a number of components to provide a flexible solution for most RSL’s. Using a variety of user definable fields and tables ensures that the applicant data file can be manipulated to service most requirements. Features of this module include:

Applicant Data

  • Single and joint applicant support
  • Full points assessment
  • Applicant status monitoring
  • Family makeup and contact file
  • Application and review date monitoring
  • Automated tenant creation
  • Waiting list type and category facility
  • Income source recording
  • Disability recording
  • User defined tables for:
  • Points
    • Status codes
    • Areas
    • Source
    • Refusal Reasons
  • Integration with intelligent text messaging to keep your applicant list up to date with automatic review text messages

Processing Options

  • Applicant listing
  • Position on list enquiry
  • Offer and tenancy document generation
  • Offer refusal monitoring
  • Report on time from application to housed
  • Match applicant facilities
  • Full applicant history, recording:
    • Letters
    • Images
    • Status changes
    • Actions
  • Simple Tenancy set-up using applicant data

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