ReletsVoid Management Data Processing

The void management module allows an RSL to define a number of different procedures for which a void property must undertake before being re-let.

Every RSL will have unique stages to their void procedures and this module includes the facility to allow the user to create the various stages particular to their organisation. By combining these user defined stages together, the RSL can then build their own procedure and calculate expected time scales before re-let.

Each stage can be allocated to a particular department which will allow the organisation to monitor whose jurisdiction the property falls under at any given time during the void period. Using this facility will allow the user to quickly build a comprehensive timetable (which can be saved as a standard procedure) for work to be completed and allow the unit to be re-let as soon as possible.

Automated Workflow

Optional automatic emails can be installed to send deadline reminders or overdue notifications to personnel responsible for any stage.

Reporting & Output Options

The void monitoring module has a number of reporting options to assist users in analysing the status for void properties; these are available in the form of:

  • Average Void
  • Revenue analysis including loss by department, by type, by day and revenue
  • Target analysis including stages met or not met, by manager or by scheme
  • Void route (procedure) analysis
  • Current voids by scheme or by area
  • Cost of void work

Key Features

  • Monitor void loss by department within your organisation (for example, between housing and maintenance departments)
  • Set target dates for each stage that a void property will go through up to being re-let
  • Record which stages were late being completed and record a reason why
  • Keep a historic record of all stages a property will go through each time it is void
  • Produce analysis reports for void loss, average re-let time, void loss attributable to each department and the re-let performance against target performance

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