Supporting People

Helping case workers streamline client care with personalised support plans

Pyramid Supporting People

  • Client profiling and data management
  • Detailed records for every partner association
  • Personalised plan to each clients requirements
  • Audit time spent, every meeting and task performed for each client
  • Manage standard or floating support cases
  • Online uploads to St. Andrew’s Supporting People

Pyramid Supporting People is an integrated solution that provides a comprehensive database of SP clients and partners, to help case workers streamline their business processes by quickly recording and extracting the information they require on demand.

Pyramid Supporting People has a number of data records to allow an organisation to store detailed information for partners, client and scheme details.

Partnership Details

Partner details show information relating to any partners that work with you, such as local councils.

Information held includes full address and contact details, as well as an hourly rate which a partner charges if they have any.

Contact information for individuals working in a partner organisation can be held in this record, as well as a facility to enter comprehensive notes if required.

Scheme Details

This option allows an organisation to set-up the projects that they manage, such as drug and alcohol abuse, adult learning difficulties, etc.

Client Details

The Client Details holds all information regarding a client whom they have or currently work with, including which scheme and case worker they’ve been assigned. The type of information held includes:

Personal needs

Allows the case worker to record a full profile on their client ethnic origin, disabilities, including services required, translation requirements and many more.

Progress Status

This records the reason why the client was referred to the organisation and by whom. This includes detailed key tasks that are required which can be automatically linked to action records.

Financial Situation

This provides a summary of the client’s current financial situation, including funding sources, rent or other services applied.

The supporting people module has a number of posting options which allows a case worker to record actions that have been undertaken with the client or on behalf of the client. Case workers can record the number of hours they spent with/for a client and full reporting is available.

Support Plan

The support plan provides a case worker with the facility to set a plan of action for the client to complete a particular goal. This is a valuable tool for allowing case workers to plan the actions taken and what steps are required to resolve a task, including a deadline and review date.

Examples include the client sorting out benefits, adult learning skills and literacy. Each task can be allocated a partner responsible for the case as well as the worker involved and this data can be reported on, allowing a case worker or senior manager to monitor the progress of both the client and the partners involved.

Meeting Log

The meeting log is a tool for case workers to record all the meetings they’ve held with their clients and allows them to record the type of meeting, such as a review, interview, general meeting etc.

This facility includes a number of descriptive fields that allow the case worker to record information relevant to the meeting, which will be displayed on reports allowing them to quickly review all their meetings at a glance. However, if a more comprehensive description is required then there is also a memo pad facility which can be used.

The meeting log also allows the case worker to record how long the meeting was, keeping an auditable log of the time spent with that client.

Action Log

The action log is used to record the time the case worker spent with or behalf of the client. The type of information that can be recorded here includes writing a letter on behalf of the client, helping the client fill forms etc.

This facility summarises the outcome and duration of various tasks and this information will be displayed on reports. However, similar to the meeting log, if more comprehensive information needs to be recorded then there is also a memo pad option to cater for this.

Action logs can be linked directly to key tasks.

Client Progression

The Client Progression is a facility that allows a case worker or senior manager to quickly view all progress related to a client. A full history of what the client has undertaken will be displayed, including any summary descriptions and the number of hours spent. This means a review of the client can easily be made on demand without having to compile numerous documents, allowing senior managers to keep up to date with progress without having to involve their case workers.

The information displayed in the Client Progression report can be tailored to suit the user’s needs. By default, this facility will display all entries made related to the client in question, using data a case worker has set-up through the posting options. However, this can be refined so that the report only displays Support Plans, Meeting Logs or Action Logs. In addition, the user can also specify specific date ranges to display, should they wish to enquire about a certain period and these can be set so that the records are viewed in an ascending or descending order. Should a more bespoke report be required then the information can be exported to an Excel spread sheet.

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