Pyramid SMS Text Messaging

SMS Text Messaging designed for social housing

SMS Text Messaging with Pyramid Messenger

  • Sending bulk and ad-hoc SMS for tenants
  • Automated two-way texting self-services
  • Automatic notifications for repairs & maintenance
  • Fully audited message logs
  • Full database integration with the Pyramid
  • Available 24/7 & GDPR Compliant

A large majority of the UK’s population now own or use a mobile phone. Pyramid Messenger takes advantage of modern SMS Text Messaging developments and presents Social Housing providers with enhanced tenant/client communication services.SMS Text Messaging

Pyramid Messenger presents Social Housing providers with a solution that:

  • Enhances tenant/client communication with intelligent and automated 2-way SMS text messaging
  • Provides tenant/clients with 24/7 self-service capabilities via SMS text messaging
  • Reduces overhead costs related to any paper correspondence
  • Staff efficiency savings, so that they can concentrate on driving business objectives
  • Improve annual KPI’s, including Rent Arrears %, Appoints Kept %, Repair Satisfaction and Average Relet Days

Pyramid Housing Management System Integration

Fully integrated with the Pyramid Housing Management system, maintaining a single master database is very simple and ensures that your team are always working with the latest information.

Enhancing Customer Experience

Pyramid Messenger has a built-in workflow designer that can easily be adapted to fit any organisation’s requirements. Social housing providers will be able to automate many of their processes, including:

  • Allowing tenants to enquire about their rent balance 24/7/365
  • Automatically send repair appointment reminders
  • Automatically send customer satisfaction surveys
  • Automatically send arrears notifications to tenants that can also be evidenced in a court of law

The module includes a library of 50+ workflows designed specifically for the Social Housing sector, allowing organisations to provide a suite of automated services for tenants.

New workflows can be developed for organisations with more unique requirements that aren’t covered with the standard library.

Return on Investment

Pyramid Messenger is an excellent way of reducing overhead expenses by replacing traditional letters with a single electronic alternative, costing as little as 8p per message. Comparatively, a single paper letter could cost up to £5.

Improved Communication

Recent surveys have shown that:

  • 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of delivery
  • 98% of text messages are likely to be read by the end of the day

A letter would take 1 to 3 days to deliver depending on the postage used and may not be opened by the recipient.

By communicating with text messaging, response rates from tenants dramatically improve, with over 50% being typical, compared to less than 20% for paper-based media. Taking advantage of this higher response rates enables Social Housing providers to improve KPI’s linked with tenant communication, such as:

  • Rent arrears %
  • Repair Appointments Kept %
  • Average Relet Days
  • Repair Satisfaction

SMS Text MessagesTenant Benefits

By adopting a suite of automated intelligent text services, tenants will benefit from:

  • Out of hours self-services
  • Grow more familiar with modern technology
  • Automated notifications regarding their rent, arrears and community events, delivered directly to them wherever they are
  • Smart communication for deaf or hearing impaired

Audit Trail and Reporting

SMS text messages, whether in or out-bound, are logged and time-stamped, providing a full audit trail that can be reported on in three forms:

  • The Message Log
  • The System Log
  • Results Analysis

The message and system logs provide simple raw data that can be easily sorted and filtered, whilst the Results Analysis offers a more comprehensive report where the user can set their own filter criteria.

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