Pyramid Responsive Repairs & Cyclical Maintenance

Providing Social Landlords with all the management tools for responsive repairs & cyclical maintenance

Responsive Repairs & Cyclical Maintenance

  • Compatible with NHF Schedule of Rates
  • Record & monitor all maintenance components for each property
  • Record contractor performance
  • Quality satisfaction survey logging
  • Inflation forecasting and life cycle reporting
  • Integrated with mobile working & SMS texting

Pyramid has a complete range of Responsive Repairs and Cyclical Maintenance features that provides social landlords with all the tools required to manage their portfolio of properties, including period checks, gas safety, planned maintenance and life cycle costing.


  • User defined components
  • Record location, condition, cost, supplier, service dates, history etc.
  • Records property attributes
  • Detailed inventory report

Periodic Checks & Gas Safety

  • Full appliance details and scanned images
  • Record location, condition, cost, supplier, service dates, history etc.
  • Detailed service schedule report
  • Automated order raising/issuing system
  • EPC and CP12 image capture

Cyclical Maintenance

  • User defined property element table with default costs and life cycles
  • Survey import options using Excel template
  • Option to clone or copy all or selected elements
  • Inflation forecasting and life cycle reporting
  • Automated link between day to day repairs and planned maintenance to keep everything up to date

Responsive Repairs

  • Issue repair orders to contractors or DLO operatives to provide details of the repair location, work required and expected timescale to completio
  • Issue electronically by email, fax or SMS
  • Landlord monitoring and automated responsibility flagging when raising orders
  • Record estimated costs for each order raise with options to use Schedule of Rates and diagnostic tools
  • Secure data transfer routine option to automatically or manually update orders using files sent by the contractor
  • Maintenance requests can be logged before the order is raised to log the first contact from the tenant when they report the repair
  • Define up to 30 response categories
  • Set budget limits by user level to prevent users from send orders above their limit

Responsive Repairs Reports

  • Analyse repair order data through standard reports and graphical illustrations for Response Monitoring and Contractor Performance
  • Generate tailored reports using the OmniPrint option
  • Produce quality satisfaction letters with each order and monitor the quality of service provided. Results can be logged and analysed
  • Produce quality control letters to request a post inspection visit from the tenant
  • Full contractor performance monitoring
  • Full operative time sheet processing system
  • Optional stock management system

Mobile Working

  • Full mobile working solution
  • Fully integrated with intelligent text messaging


  • Integrated with the MyTenancy online portal, providing tenants with a history of repair work and the status of a current job. 

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