Pyramid Enterprise

Pyramid Enterprise is an on-premise housing management solution designed for medium to large multi-regional social landlords, installed directly onto your network infrastructure.

Pyramid Enterprise Housing Management System

Take ownership of your housing management system with this lifetime Pyramid Enterprise plan, designed for medium to large social registered landlords. Installed onto your network using existing hardware, virtual environment or even on a brand new server fully configured and provided by OmniLedger.

Four Users +

Systems from 4 users onwards, designed for medium local to large multi-region private & social landlords

Lifetime Licence

Licences and software are yours forever with a single purchase

Network Compliance

Implemented using your network compliance model

System Customisation

Design the system you want from Pyramid’s portfolio of modules and sub-modules

Pyramid Enterprise

Customising your Pyramid Enterprise Housing Management System

Customise Pyramid to fit your organisations business model with a flexible array of Housing Management tools:

Core Features

Rent Accounting & Arrears Management

Everything you need to manage tenant rents and arrears, including comprehensive reporting tools, batch payment imports, mass statement generation and more.

Repairs & Maintenance

Everything you need to manage day-to-day repairs and cyclical maintenance, including comprehensive reporting tools for contractor performance and quality satisfaction; as well as import tools for batch supplier payments and schedule of rates.

Financial Accounting

Real-time financial accounting that’s integrated to peripheral ledgers, such as rent, sales, purchase. Includes up to 13 accounting periods, automated regular posting, depreciation journals and more.

Client Management

Capture detailed information and create a personalised support plan for each of your clients, including client progression, associated partners, schemes, incident logging, safeguarding concerns and risk assessments.

OmniPrint Reporting

Every module in the Pyramid Housing Management System includes a custom report generator, allowing your team to analyse information in any way you want.

Automation & Integration

Pyramid includes a range of automation tools to help your team build the ideal workflow that manages business processes. Including integration with third party software.

Extended Features

SMS Text Messaging

Enhance how you communicate with tenants using batch processed or fully automated intelligent texting services.

Mobile Working

Use the Pyramid Mobile App to collect and update date, or mobilise your DLO.

Online Web Portals

Provide a secure online portal that will allow your tenants and staff to view rent account information, request repairs and update personal data, 24/7.

Document Management

Standardise & moderate how staff save important documentation using data from your Pyramid Housing Management System, for efficient retrieval & secure disposal at a later date

Pyramid Enterprise Licencing

Flexible licencing that best fits your organisation in a cost effective manner. Just select the number of concurrent users and clients that fits your organisation.

Concurrent Users

This is the maximum number of users you’d like to be able to access Pyramid Enterprise at the same time.


This is the total number of user accounts you require for your system

Pyramid Enterprise Licences

Training & Support

Project Management & Implementation

Worried about migrating to a new system? OmniLedger has you covered. We’ve developed tools to extract data from any system. Our project managers will help you with data verification and system customisation every step of the way, getting your system live in as little as 8 weeks.


Our training team have years of experience within the sector, and have a proven track record of implementing new systems on time and within budget.

Dedicated Support Line

Our support team operates on a fast response service level agreement for your on-going care.

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