InvoiceAuthorisation with barcode scanning & automatic indexing

Pyramid Invoice Register Work-tray solution makes passing paper invoice copies around the organisation for authorisation a thing of the past.

Invoices are entered into the Pyramid Invoice Register and as part of this process a unique reference number is generated and a barcode label printed with this reference.

The barcode label is then affixed to the paper invoice and used as an indexing tool. The invoice register “passed to” field is completed as part of the data entry process and the invoice is sent to the users’ work-tray for authorisation.

When all the invoices have been entered onto the register the entire batch can be scanned into a single file and sent to a central vault.

The barcode filer software monitors this vault and when a file is received the software opens the file and reads the barcode on each invoice. Each invoice is then saved as an individual PDF file with the filename being the invoice register number.

This process makes sure that all invoices are then automatically indexed using Pyramid’s register reference, which allows users to drill down to the source document from any screen displaying this reference. Please note with this system the invoice register number becomes the invoicing posting reference.

During the data entry process mentioned earlier, the invoice can be “passed to” an employee for authorisation. The invoice then appears in the new Pyramid Work-tray facility for onscreen authorisation.

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