Experian Rental Interface

Helping social housing tenants build a good credit score with rent payments

Experian Rental Interface for Social Housing

  • Collate rental exchange data from Pyramid
  • Assist tenants build a credit score
  • Identify tenants who are committed to their rent payments
  • Up to 16 levels of authorisation
  • User, manager & finance worktrays
  • Email notification for pending & overdue authorisations and rejections

Tenant Credit RatingExperian Rental Interface For Social Housing

Experian is the UK’s largest credit reference agency and by using Pyramid’s rental interface, social landlords are able to help their tenants build a good credit rating using rent payment history; similar to mortgage payments for homeowners.

By providing this service to tenants, social landlords can improve their tenants everyday life by helping them obtain better tariff’s for bills, affordable loans and proving their identity.

In additional to improving tenant’s lives; social landlords:

  • Encourage tenants to make timely rent payments
  • Identify financial profile of tenants and build sustainable tenancies
  • Pro-actively assist high risk tenants with financial advice and prevent further debt
  • Reduce arrears and void properties through eviction

Pyramid’s rental interface was developed in partnership with Experian to enable social landlords to easily share information; including:

  • General tenant details
  • Landlord details
  • Rent payments
  • Arrears value
  • Rent charge frequency
  • Local authority

By understanding the most financially vulnerable tenants, social landlords will be able to take a pro-active approach with assisting tenants who could potentially be negatively affected by Welfare Reform and maintain a healthy cash flow for the business through preventing irregular rent payments.

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