Document Management

Electronically standardise & moderate documentation storage for social housing with Pyramid Document Management

Document Management For Social Housing

  • Fully audit-able document history
  • Automate business processes with document workflows
  • Tag documents with Pyramid data
  • Restrict sensitive documents by user account
  • Assign tasks to users with deadlines for each stage
  • Efficient document retrieval through custom views

Storing and managing large quantities of paper documents is expensive. This is especially true for Housing Associations, where an audit-able trail of all activity relating to their tenants and properties needs to be indexed, stored and archived for retrieval and possible disposal at a future date. All of which requires dedicated resources, whether it’s storage, time or money.

Shian Housing Association encountered these very challenges when evaluating how they managed their documentation. To address this OmniLedger have become an M-Files partner.

M-Files are a leading document management solution provider and OmniLedger have now developed a direct interface via Pyramid to provide instant access to an entire vault of electronic information.

Essentially it’s an Electronic Document Management System, or EDM, with powerful and flexible indexing that allows document categorisation to cater for individual departmental requirements.

It’s easy to get lost in acronyms: EIM, ECM, ERP, CRM, etc, so to cut through the jargon, Pyramid M-Files manages everything.

This includes documents, images, projects and processes, by simply adding intelligence, so you can always find what you need, when you need it!

Find and access content based on what it is, not where it’s saved

Sometimes finding the right document when you need it seems impossible. Where was that file saved? Who edited it last?

What if it didn’t matter? 

Pyramid M-Files organises everything in a central vault based on what it is, so you never have to remember where it’s saved or which version is the right one, as only one copy is ever saved.

Integration with MS-Office 

At the point of raising an arrears letter in MS-Word the document can automatically be saved to the Pyramid M-Files vault with the correct indexing (meta-data), i.e. tenant key, property key, document category, etc, making retrieval simple in the future.

Fully integrated with Pyramid:

  • Rent Accounting
  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • Financial Suite

Fully integrated with Microsoft Office:

  • MS-Word
  • MS-Excel
  • MS-Outlook

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