Automated Email Alerts

Streamlining social housing practices with automated email alerts at key points

Automated Email Alerts for Social Housing

  • Tenant reminders for missed payments and upcoming appointments
  • Contractor job reminders
  • Streamline the void process for property re-let
  • Supporting People client assessments due
  • Landlord agreement re-negotiation reminders
  • Insurance & inspections due

Pyramid’s Automated Email Alerts provides numerous tools to assist users by sending emails, tasks and reminders at key trigger points. Designed to assist social housing providers increase productivity and efficiency within targeted areas of the organisation.

Some notifications can even be automated to minimise manual intervention, allowing staff to target more critical areas.

Automated Notifications

Pyramid can be configured to generate email alerts automatically at set intervals. Pyramid will then scan the vast amount of data on your system, something that a user would find impossible to do.

The results of this interrogation are examined by Pyramid and based on the scripts written to your specification; email messages and notifications will be issued to specific members of staff.

There is a standard library of alerts supplied with every system, but as part of the tailoring service and project management process, trigger points would be tailored to your specific requirements.

User Initiated Alerts

Along with the automated software that runs unattended, in most instances overnight, Pyramid has a number of other alert options that are integrated into the system. These user initiated processes interface directly with the individuals Microsoft Outlook application.

Please note that interface options include the ability to add Outlook Emails, Calendar Entries, Task Entries and Note Entries.

Tailored to Fit

The following are a few examples of the options that can generate automated email alerts and these are tailored to individual requirements:

  • Send tasks or notifications when a tenant has moved out/in of a property
  • Reminder to tenants or contractors for repair appointments
  • Generate a task or calendar entry when a maintenance requested is raised
  • Notify a tenant they have missed rent payment
  • Remind staff that a tenant’s arrears review date is due
  • Notify a contractor that a repair order has passed it’s due completion date
  • Supplier insurance
  • Gas inspection

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