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Dimensions, who have supported people with learning disabilities & autism across the UK since 1976, adopts Mobile Working for Fire Risk Assessments

Dimensions, one of the UK’s largest not-for-profit organisations, are dedicated to providing high quality personalised support for people with learning disabilities and autism, helping them to be actively engaged with and contribute to their communities. People and their families are at the heart of everything Dimensions does. Having started off with just a single phone and a rented office space in 1976, the organisation now spans across the UK with a team of 7,000 strong. 

In 2021, Dimensions required a mobile application to enable their H&S team to complete fire risk assessment’s (FRAs), with the goal of achieving time savings and removing the need for external assessors.

Alan Harper, Health & Safety Advisor at Dimensions UK said “At Dimensions, we needed to increase the number of FRA’s carried out by our H&S team, to reduce the use of external fire risk assessors. To achieve this, we recognised that a mobile application utilising information from our Pyramid Housing Management system was required. By doing this, we reduced the admin time required to complete the FRA paperwork, enabling the H&S Team to carry out additional FRA. Overall, we envisaged that the greater efficiency would enable Dimensions to process more FRA’s with a lower overhead from external contracts.  

With this in mind we contacted OmniLedger, our Pyramid Housing Management System provider, where they demonstrated their Pyramid Mobile application (powered by Prontoforms). During the demonstration we were pleasantly surprised at the level of data integration between the mobile application and Pyramid, with staff being able to receive jobs directly onto their tablet, retrieve data and submit assessments. The application remains functional even without an internet connection and eliminates any requirement for paper printouts.

Upon deciding to proceed, we were put on OmniLedger’s continued improvement support scheme headed up by Lee Wagnall. This enabled us to develop a bespoke FRA form quickly whilst being very easy to use for colleagues, considering the wide variation in premises and circumstances where the assessments are carried out.

In the months since going live, we have processed an additional 300 FRA’s through the time savings achieved. The digital nature of the forms and removal of external assessors has increased the quality of FRA’s being completed, meeting regulatory conditions and providing substantial savings. The H&S team have found the offline working particularly effective as it is not always possible to receive an internet connection in remote locations, allowing us to complete the process onsite and finish up within the office when necessary.

Mobile working has become an important tool in supporting the H&S team’s high level of performance, which has flexibility to be adapted to meet changing needs and demands. Moving forwards, we envisage expanding mobile working to include an annual property inspection form. In addition, with the data held within Pyramid and our Radar Healthcare system, Dimensions will be exploring integration between the two solutions in anticipation of greater time savings.”

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Dimensions UK

Dimensions, one of the UK’s largest not-for-profit organisations, are dedicated to providing high quality personalised support for people with learning disabilities and autism, helping them…

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