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System Implementations

OmniLedger’s implementation & training staff have many years’ experience providing customer support for the housing and finance sectors and have never lost touch with what it is like to be an end-user.

When a new system is due to be installed, our implementation team will immediately enter into a consultation period with the client to discuss the scope, objectives and scheduling of the implementation. A schedule is then drawn up timetabling all aspects of the implementation from data cleansing & migration through to end-user training.

Throughout the course of the implementation our clients deal with a central point of contact and will always deal with the same staff members to ensure continuity and consistency. Our implementation staff essentially become members of your team.

On-going Training

The best way to protect the investment made in the Pyramid system and to make sure that full use is being made of it is to invest in comprehensive training for all staff that will have an involvement with the system whether they are data processors, front-line staff or top-level managers.

Due to the fast pace of change in the IT industry and the constant developments that are made to the Pyramid software, OmniLedger recommends on-going training programmes be followed to take advantage of new technologies and new features of the Pyramid software.

On-going training is usually delivered by the same training staff that oversaw the original training during the implementation process. This ensures that the trainers have a solid understanding of the way that your organisation works which then helps to deliver effective training. The training can be one-to-one or in a classroom format and can take place either on-site or in off-site IT suites.

On-going training provided by OmniLedger helps to break the cycle of ‘bad habits’ being passed down from user to user whenever internal training takes place due to staff turnover or staff restructuring.

Classroom Training

OmniLedger runs regular topic-based classroom training courses. These courses are an affordable way to train staff away from the office environment and can be either half-day or full-day depending on the topic to be covered.

The number of delegates attending classroom training sessions is typically kept low to keep the training sessions focussed and effective. Each delegate has access to a PC running Pyramid with a full training company environment. Training exercises and full documentation are provided.

System Audits

OmniLedger can, on request, carry out system audits to investigate and report on the quality and completeness of data stored in the database and on the extent to which the software is being used. A full report is provided along with recommendations as to how Pyramid could be used more effectively. When carried out periodically, system audits can be very effective in identifying areas where further training is required and to encourage full use of the system.

Customer Support Portal

Your customer support portal contains our interactive self-help database of informative support articles and comprehensive training handouts. The personalised portal also details information on any outstanding support issues as well as a complete history of support calls.

A wide variety of invaluable information can be accessed on the website, including helpful tips and explanations on all aspects of your Pyramid system. Support articles and training handouts can be accessed via keyword search, or selected from a structured library of documents, with options to view online, print, or download for future reference.

The Training and Support website can be accessed here at any time, using the customer login details already provided:

Your Online Forum

The forum is a place where you can share your thoughts with the wider Pyramid user community, about everything and anything; whether it’s about Pyramid, or how other organisations have addressed the challenges facing the housing sector.

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